International 4300
Medium Duty Wrecker

For box trucks up to 18000 pounds,  ( this includes most U-Haul type trucks) , Ambulances, Pick ups and just about everything else.


International 4900
Heavy Duty Wrecker

For large trucks, this unit  is for the largest of box trucks, semi tractors, and heavy recovery work.

International 4600
Roll Back

Made for today's newer cars, roll-backs will not damage spoilers, ground effects packages, or vehicles with altered suspensions. This truck is also perfect for moving forklifts, tool boxes, industrial equipment, motorcycles,  and just about anything else that needs moved.

Chevy 3500
Wheel Lift Unit

Designed for use in parking garages and tight city spaces, this unit is perfect for crowded areas


Tractor / Trailer Hauling

Local & Long distance towing of your disabled equipment.


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