Resolution Change


Windows Users:

To change your monitor resolution,  minimize all windows, and right click anywhere on your desktop.

When the menu opens, click on "properties", This will open the display properties for your monitor.

From here, click on the "Settings" tab.  

Near the lower right corner, there is a slide bar under the heading "Screen Area". Drag this to the right  until the resolution says 1024 x 768...  or higher.

Some computers will get a message saying that the computer will need to re-boot for changes to take effect, but most people will see the message "Apply changes without re-starting?", click YES.

Once the change takes effect, you will be asked wether or not to save these changes. If the screen looks OK, then click YES. ( you have 15 seconds to accept the new settings)

If the screen is distorted or unreadable,  do nothing. After 15 seconds, it will change back to your old settings.

Other operating systems:

Consult your help files for instructions on changing your display resolution.