I found a Tractor for sale, Need minor repairs.

This is a tractor.


Tractors are great,  because with attachments, you can do many things.



You can pull things.




You can lift things.





You can  get a front bucket to dig things.




You can even get a Grapple on that bucket to grab things .




But sometimes,  all of this lifting, pulling, grabbing and digging , 
leads to problems.
and with a Big Tractor, you get BIG problems.





Say you're just cruisin along pulling something Big.
going way too fast..  something like 18 miles per hour.



You got the digger thing out front,
with the grabber thing open and you're just cruisin along,
when the hydraulic line on that digger thing out front blows suddenly.





Well, as you might guess.. it's gonna drop fast.
now this isn't much of a problem on pavement, 
you'll just make a few sparks and come to a loud screeching stop.... 

But if you're on,  say...... A Dirt road ! things might get hairy real quick.

that bucket thing is gonna dig right in, 
and the grabber thing might make things a whole lot worse, 
 as this guy found out.






Now, I know it's kinda hard to see the problem in this little picture..
 so here's a few bigger ones for you to enjoy.
See where that bucket thingy dug in?




it looks like the grabber thing dug in a bit as well




All in all, it makes for a nice compact parking arrangement,

but it might be hard to pull this trick inside of a barn.

Seems that the thing he was pullin kept him from flipping over forward,
 but also kept pushin till something broke.




Now I don't know what happened to the guy driving this,
 but i'll bet that 50 pounds of shit left his ass,
 at the same time he was pulling the seat up inside of it.