The top of the gantry is little more than twisted steel and the once proud machine is just a memory now.


With the GEM gone it's sister shovel, The Silver Spade" is the last Bucyrus Erie 1950B shovel working today. Efforts are underway to ensure that the Spade doesn't meet the same fate as the GEM did, when her working days are done.

With only a handful of these huge stripping machines left in the world today, plans must be made and action taken now, if one is to be preserved.

The Harrison Coal and Reclamation Park (HCRP) is spearheading the efforts to preserve the Silver Spade, But they desperately need your help.

To find out more about the efforts, click on "HCRP" in the menu at the left of this screen. While not much information is available currently, I hope to have a detailed report on the effort and ways in which you can help, added to the site soon.