Bucyrus Erie

Contributed By:Fred Monger

These Pictures show the Bucyrus Erie 3270 ( lot-1 )working at AMAX Coal's Delta Mine.

The two Bucyrus Erie 3270 machines were B.E.'s second largest offerings in the dragline line-up .

Slightly smaller than the Big Muskie, These machines were still GIANTS.

The first 3270 (the Lot-1 machine,-- shown here)was comissioned in late 1979,

Carrying a 176CU-YD bucket at the end of a 330 Ft. boom, and weighing in at around 17.5 million pounds, this machine was no slouch.

I've heard it said that to build the best machine possible, you must first reach the extreme limits of your ability, then back up one step.

If this is true, then the 3270's could be described as b.E.'s best machines.

The limits were reached when they built the Big Muskie, and after learning from the problems that the muskie encountered, they "Backed up" a little and built the 3270's.

Though I have no personal knowledge of the working history of these machines, I've heard that they were more reliable and considerably less troublesome than the Muskie was.