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Silver Spade

Covering the road with gravel, for the crossing.. Photo: Dave Hopper

With the road covered, the spade began swinging mats around, and was soon working right next to the road. Once at the road, the spade stopped, and began placing mats across the highway. Thought Earlier in the day, the spade was moving fairly frequently, with just a few mats ahead to walk on, this changed when she reached the road. After the road was covered, she continued placing mats, streched out across the road. It was clear that they didn't want to have to stop on the roadway, so enough mats were place to complete the crossing in one move.

This meant that once the spade started moving, she wouldn't stop until she was completely across. It also meant that there would only be about a minute to get pictures of her on the road.


Placing mats across the road..
Photo: Dave Hopper