Mike Wellman's

Fully functional,Radio controlled,
 all metal, 1/50th scale... 


British Model builder Mike Wellman contacted me a while back,  about a     1/50th scale Big Muskie he was building.  He attached a few pictures, and I was more than impressed.  Though fellow modelers have built other models of Big Muskie, ( see andre didier's Big Muskie model pics), this one was to be a little different...  it's going to be FULLY FUNCTIONAL !!!

Mike's choice of building material?, Not wood, Not plastic.. ALL METAL.

Though it's not quite finished yet, here are some pictures taken during the project, I think you'll be impressed as well.

Layout of the "Machinery Deck"

As you can see, the model is more than just an exterior shell, complete working  machinery will bring this machine to life.