Recent news about the
Silver Spade

The spade stops for a while, so repairs can be made. Photo: Paul Schmid

The spade continued toward the new pit, but one major obstacle was left in the way.  A set of power lines crossed the spade path, but luckily the generating station was offline for repairs.. This allowed crews to simply drop the lines and allow the spade to pass. If the generating station would have been working, bypasses would have been needed and would have cost consol nearly half a million dollars more.

Now safely past the power lines, the spade was halted for repairs. This allowed for some excellent viewing opportunity's. Though I wasn't able to make in up, Paul Schmid, and a guy named "Jim" were in the area and sent in pictures.

These pictures were taken April 28th.


Another shot of the spade, while repairs are being made. Notice the Bucyrus Erie Drill sitting in the foreground

Photo: JIM